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J Aland Lettings :  Schedule of fees

Full management 8% plus VAT

Lettings only 50% of first month’s rental income plus VAT

Tenant administration fees:

(to include referencing,right to rent check, registering of deposit)

Students: 75 per person plus VAT

All other tenants: 140 per person plus VAT

Renewal of Tenancy: 55 per tenant plus VAT

Additional charges: see below; PLEASE NOTE ALL CHARGES / FEES ARE SUBJECT TO VAT @ 20%

Inventory, checkout, cleaning.

Tenants shall pay for both an inventory and checkout of the property. To be paid to a third party “inventory company” upon receipt of invoice from the invoice by the third party. Tenants to pay for professional cleaning of their property at the end of the tenancy using a J Aland Lettings approved cleaner.

Re-assignment of Tenancy :

We will make a charge of 175.00  plus VAT per person vacating for this service if the tenant finds the replacement. Should we introduce the tenant then you will be charged 265.00 plus VAT per person vacating.

Payment of rent
Tenants will be charged a 20 fee for any cancelled standing orders, direct debits or returned cheque's due to insufficient funds.
Tenants will be charged a 20 fee for late payment of rent and 10 for each subsequent letter sent regarding late payment of rent.

Tenants will be charged 5 fee for each phone call or email made to chase late rents or bounced cheque's

Tenants will be charged 20 fee for any standing orders not paid by the due date

Tenants will be charged a 30 fee for any standing orders not cancelled at the end of the tenancy.

A charge of 100 plus vat when a credit Agency is instructed to collect rent arrears on our behalf

Tenants shall be charged 25+VAT if the agent (someone acting on behalf of the agent) is required to visit the property on behalf of the tenant (s) for example .. To collect post or turn the heating on / off.

All fees are subject to vat @ 20%


If we are called to your property to let you in a charge of 36.00 will be made.


Should you report a fault or malfunction of equipment to us and our tradesman calls at your property if no fault is found then you will be liable for a minimum Call out charge of 45.00

End of Tenancy charges

If any tenant fails to move out by the due time. J Aland Lettings reserves the right to charge the tenant for their time or for someone acting on behalf of J Aland Letting’s time in waiting at the premises for the tenant to vacate in order to carry out the checking out process. These charges shall be 30.00 per hour (or part of any hour)

 If the tenant fails for whatever reason to arrange for the reading of any utility meter when the premises are vacated J Aland Lettings reserves the right to charge for the costs of carrying out or arranging any such readings. The charges shall be 20 per hour (or part of any hour). Whereby J Aland Lettings is entitled to charge an hourly rate this shall include travelling time.

Should the checkout report indicate that further cleaning is required J Aland Lettings will be required to source professional cleaners at short notice, we will therefore levy a charge of 25 PER TENANT if we are required to do this.
Please note that J Aland Lettings will charge a handling fee of 15% to the cost of any works they have to arrange at the end of the tenancy as a result of tenants failure to do so.

If a deposit is used at any point as whole or part of a rent payment or to pay an invoice for which the tenant is responsible but has not paid then a charge of 50.00 will be charged by J Aland Lettings to the tenant. This is in addition to any charge or summons made by the Landlord in relation to the non payment of rent.

If a deposit is to returned to an overseas account there will be an administration fee of 25 to cover costs.

Currently we do not offer a client money protection service.